Ambulance Depot sells to EMS, Volunteer Fire Departments and many more Services.

Located in Houston, Texas, We can arrange shipment to any major port in the World. Traditional banks refuse financing for this unit unless the ambulance is used for the intended purpose of Emergency Services. However, we have clients that do camper conversions, plumbing truck conversions and more. We work directly with these financing companies below:

Qualify for Financing:


Fred: (603) 373 - 1379

Eric: (714) 985 - 6217

 startup companies are accepted and soft credit checks are done only.

Jake: (215) 518 - 0885

Anthony: (702) 330-3147

Anthony: (800) 551 - 4854


Forms of Payment Accepted:


Paypal, Check, Cash, Wire Transfer

* To purchase directly, call Sam (832) 277 - 6262 


Call for more information on payment details.



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