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Ambulance Depot was created with the sole purpose of helping emergency services and organizations save lives.


Here at Ambulance Depot, we believe that you deserve a high-quality emergency vehicle at an affordable price!


We can arrange the shipping of your vehicle to any major port in the world and we carry a large inventory of New/used ambulances and stretchers. The emergency vehicles come stocked with stretchers, basic medical suplies and are ready for service.


We employ dedicated professionals - many of whom are Emergency Medical Technicians and Emergency Vehicle Operators themselves and understand the requirements of our customers in the field.


If you are looking to purchase an ambulance, a fire truck, or wheelchair van, then give us a call 





It wouldn't be right if we didn't aknowledge the gowing demand for van/bus/ambulance RV conversions. Our customer base has been extended to cater to those looking for an affordable unit to call home or for recreation. If we don't have something in stock, we will be happy to find it for you. We have access to a multitude of resources to find the perfect vehicle for you!


Call us today so we can help you decide which style would best suit your project.


Forms of Payment Accepted:


Paypal, Check, Cash, Wire Transfer

* To purchase directly, call Sam (832) 277 - 6262 


Call for more information on payment details.



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