Ambulance Depot delivers the highest quality ambulances, emergency vehicles & Stryker gurneys, at the best possible prices, with a wide variety of styles to meet your requirements. We are located in Houston, Tx but we can arrange shipping specifications at your request to any major port in the world.

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Only those who can respond quickly, reliably and directly can survive in the medical transportation market. Thinking and acting cost-effectively is particularly important. Businesses must also be extremely flexible and mobile in order to offer their patients the best care. At Ambulance Depot, we focus on your needs.

 Ambulance Depot was established in 2011 with the mission of helping emergency service organizations to save lives.

Here at Ambulance Depot, we believe that you deserve a high-quality emergency vehicle at an affordable price.

Each reconditioned ambulance, wheel chair van, or fire truck in our extensive inventory goes through a detailed process involving mechanical and cosmetic repairs, as well as electrical upgrades. Additionally, we provide customized Type I Type II Type III.

Whether you are in search of a basic ambulance package, or are looking for something more specific, such as a 4x4 Ambulance or a customized unit, Ambulance Depot can get you the new or used ambulance you are searching for - with great savings.

Ambulance Depot can arrange shipping of your emergency vehicle to anywhere in the United States or any major port in the world. We usually stock a variety of used ambulances, wheelchair vans, and fire trucks, and we can customize any of our emergency vehicles to fit for your particular needs. We employ dedicated certified professionals, many of which are Emergency Medical Technicians, Firemen and Emergency Vehicle Operators themselves, who understand the requirements of the customers we serve. 

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